Hot Air Ballooning
Keiko's Excellent Adventure

We joined our Monmouth College classmate for her birthday adventure.   Being our first time we can report that most of the excitement was in the anticipation. We went aloft with RAGGE & WILLOW* located in Bovard, PA.

The most difficult part of the whole operation was figuring out how 9 people were going to fit into the basket*.  It takes 8 gallons of propane to heat the air to 212 Deg. F (The boiling point of water. - This is enough energy to propel our Honda across the state!)

With a few short bursts of the burner you suddenly notice that you are 10 feet above the ground.   There is absolutely no sensation of movement since you are moving with the air around you. 

We flew south from Bovard east of Greensburg for about an hour and a half and ranged in altitude from below tree top level to about 1200 feet above the ground.  "Trees are your friend!"  we learned from our pilot.  When you want to stop, you look for a nice bushy one to run into.  It was a great experience that everyone should share.

After the Champaign and caviar buffet, we went to the Blue Angels Restaurant located at the Arnold Palmer Regional Airport in Latrobe.

“Balloonists Prayer”
The winds have welcomed you with softness
The sun has held you in his warm hands
You have flown so high and so well
That God has joined you in your laughter
And set you gently back down
Into the loving arms of Mother Earth.


Ragge & Willow Photo Links
* Ragge - "An old balloon"
* Willow - "The basket material"
Parts of the Balloon

Our Photos

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Balloon16A.JPG Balloon13A.JPG
Balloon5C.JPG Balloon24A.JPG
BalloonTree.JPG (111715 bytes) BalloonBasket.JPG (124707 bytes)

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