Installing A Satellite Dish
June 2000


Find an old C/Ku band dish and figure out how to get it apart and home in the back of your van.

What's up there?
Robert's Satellite Page
Satellite Chart

DISH001.jpg (19922 bytes)


Find a place in your back yard.

Move the flowers your wife has just planted.

Hope the neighbors don't call the cops!

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Dig a deep hole that is at least 1/3 the length of the pole and flare it out at the bottom.


DISH004.jpg (23882 bytes)


The deeper the better.

hole.JPG (30697 bytes)

You need 10 or more 60 pound bags of Sackrete from Home Depot.  (1 for every foot of the dish's diameter.)

Move them across yard in your little red wagon with out breaking your back or wagon.

DISH007.jpg (25641 bytes)

Install a section of reinforcing rod into the pipe so it can't twist in the wind.

DISH008.jpg (28281 bytes)

Prop up the pole so it is perfectly vertical.  

A dish has an angle of view of about 2 degrees.  If the pole is 2 degrees off vertical, you will totally lose the western satellites. 

I attached 2X4s to pole with pipe straps and hose clamp. 

Note the nice paint job on the pole courtesy of the WHSD
Art Department.

DISH017.jpg (26510 bytes)
DISH018.jpg (19255 bytes)

Install a PVC conduit from the pole to the house to run the cable from the receiver to the dish.  Cover the end with plastic so dirt does not get in.  The pipe will be moved against the dish when the final layer of concrete is pored.  Run real fast when you find a bumble bee nest under a patio stone!

DISH013.jpg (23404 bytes)

The mount was weathered and bent.  Remove the rust, bend it back into shape and painted it.

DISH016.jpg (26335 bytes)


Use the poor little red wagon to mix the concrete.  Quick method is to just dump the bag and the water into the hole stir.

Underestimated the size of the hole so we went for dinner and three more sacks.  (One sack is to fill the pole.)

DISH020.jpg (24987 bytes) DISH021.jpg (26405 bytes)
Make sure the pole is vertical after each sack of cement is poured and tamped down. 

Cover conduit to house.

Leveling Pole

Help another retired teacher pack U-Haul for move to Pigeon Forge, TN
(They made it!)

Reset patio slabs and cleaned up.
Cut the neglected grass.

TENN034.jpg (21450 bytes)

Poured concrete inside of pipe to keep it from flexing. 
It took 1-1/2 sacks to fill a 3" X 12' pipe

We bolted the four gores together and attached the supports for the receiver. 
Judy always wanted a screen porch.

Installed cable in conduit and attached the connectors to both ends.

wpe4.jpg (16597 bytes)

Step 13
Installed the C and KU Band receiver.
Note the old wasp's nest.

DISH034.jpg (23823 bytes)
DISH038.jpg (19698 bytes)

Step 14 Installed the Mount on pole

Connected the Actuator Arm that moves the dish.

DISH036.jpg (23843 bytes)

DISH041.jpg (26754 bytes)

Step 15 Installed and wired the receiver in basement and ran TV line back outside.  Tuner has a "radio remote" so it can be tuned from outside.

DISH037.jpg (16080 bytes)

Step 16 Installed pulleys to lift dish to mount. 

DISH042.jpg (12169 bytes)

Arranged for several friends who wanted a good laugh to show up at 7pm!

Attached the dish to the mount.
(This was interesting but we did it in under 40 minutes!)

DISH049.jpg (18316 bytes)

DISH050.jpg (25607 bytes)


Find the first bird

"He who laughs last laughs hardest!"

DISH055.jpg (18747 bytes)

Installed adjustment screws on each support arm to set the receiver feed horn at the exact focal point of the dish.

wpe5.jpg (19062 bytes)


Next episode - November 2005


Installed a Digital Satellite Receiver and 30" Ku band dish for "Free to Air" Programming.
DiSEqC 1.2 Motorized Dish 
DMS International GS-2100
Pansat 2700A Receiver
Can use both C & Ku band dishes
Invacom LNB SNH-031

This is what I can receive.
Ricks Satellite Service
First rate service on home satellite systems

UHF antenna is one of two for HDTV.
DIRECT Dish is just for the Program Guide.
Still have Adelphia Cable
(Now Comcast)

Biggest problem is clearing the snow in winter.

Final Step

Align the Dish for all satellites.