Panoramic Pictures of Beulah Memorial Cemetery
Technical Details

Our Window on the Past

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Monmouth College Panoramic Picture

Technical details

These pictures were taken with a Canon MiniDV digital video camera.  The images on the former Beulah Home Page and the Cemetery Page were taken with the camera mounted on a tripod in the normal position.   It takes 10 pictures to capture the full 360 deg. panoramic view with the zoom set at full wide angle.  The image on this page were taken with the camera mounted in the portrait position which takes 12 images to capture the full circle but gives more foreground. 

The images were then copied and pasted side-by-side to produce a 600X5200 panoramic image using the origional free version of  The Panorama Factory.   The programmer is from Pittsburgh so there are some great examples of  local views.   For the web page this very large file was compressed and reduced to 40% of its original full screen size.  View the image file.

The picture is displayed on the web page by using VRTour which is a 17K Java Applet that is downloaded as part of the web page.  You can find out more about the using VRTour from Picture Works.  I have found that sometimes, on some computers, the image hangs up and you must use the RELOAD or REFRESH function on your browser to get the program to work.

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