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Clan Badge
A stag Proper, attired Argent,
couchant before a holly bush Proper.

Reviresco (I flourish again)

Coat of Arms

Argent, a saltire Sable, (as displayed on the arms of the Earl of Nithsdale) viz:- Argent, an eagle displayed Sable, beaked and membered Gules, (Nithsdale), surmounted of an escutcheon of the first, charged with saltire of the Sceond (Maxwell), the escutcheon surcharged in the center with an urcheon, Or (Herries).

Glossary of Heraldic Terms

Family Surnames

Maxwell - Father
Lorimer - Mother


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Maxwell World Website
The Clan Maxwell from
The Gathering of Clans
The Clan Wallace
Scotish Crests & Badges

Famious Relatives

Sir William Wallace of Elerslie ?*  -  Wallace Links
John Knox - Protestant reformerStatue - The Appellation to Bishops of Scotland ?*
Wessel Ten Broeck - Govenor of New Amsterdam Search for more
Lt. Col. John Ten Broeck - Officer in the Continental Army
Abraham Ten Broeck - Mayor of Albany, NY - Oldest wine celler in continuious use
  History of the Mansion   Search for more
Robert Hanna - Founder of Hannastown, PA - Clan Hanna
Robert Fulton - Engineer and Artist Inventor of the steam boat -  Statue in U.S.Capital
   The Maxwells bought the Fulton Farm origionally owned by Rev. Joseph Smith
   a famous early minister in the area who was his mother's brother.
   History of Fulton Farm - Hopewell Twp - Cross Creek Twp. (2)
Robert Ross & David Wallace - Founders of Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL
Rev. William J. MacMichael - President Monmouth College 1862
   Moderator of General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church 1895
Rev. Thomas Hanna MacMichael - President Monmouth College
James Clerk Maxwell - Theory of Radio Waves   ?*
James Clerk Maxwell Foundation
Gov. Louis Benjamin Hanna - Gov. of North Dakota 1913-1921
Sen. Marcus Alonzo Hanna  - 1837. Chairman of Republican National Committee, 1896-1904; U.S. Senator from Ohio, 1897-1904 Search for more
John Leman - Early Settler of Canton Twp. Washington Co., PA
A Genealogy of the Maxwell Family - Compiled by Edmond Maxwell, 1947.

Relatives from Washington County, PA
Beers Project
Washington County  - Circa 1889

David A. Brownlee
Ner O. Brownlee
Rev. John T. Brownlee D.D.
Leamon J. Brownlee
Harry H. Brownlee
Hervey Hindman Clarke
John Knox
William Knox
Mary Maloy - G. G. Grandmother, Wife of Henry Earnest
Jennie A. Morgan
Robert Fulton
Samuel Maxwell

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