The Schaeffers at Christmas 2001

Merry Christmas to all of you! We have had such mild weather this Fall that it is hard to realize that it is December and time again to decorate.

Like all Americans we were shocked by the events in September and are encouraged to see the way we all can support each other through hard times. We were very lucky that none of our close family members were killed and our prayers are for those who did lose loved ones.
You are the    visitor this season!

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One of our silk screened cards from Christmas past.
Last February we took a winter vacation to Florida. Our son gave us  a Garmen GPS receiver for Christmas so we needed an excuse to try it out on a long trip. We stayed with Judy's nephew in Deltona while his parents were visiting at the same time. One day we walked on the sandy beach at Daytona and then drove up the coast to see the old Spanish fort at St. Augustine. We just missed the manatees at Blue Spring State Park but did take a nature cruse on the St. Jones River

We visited Silver Springs and met some former neighbors for dinner. Another excursion took us south along the coast to visit friends at Vero Beach. While traveling around Florida, we stopped at a Burger King and found that the manager was a retired Westinghouse engineer who was one of Lee's Churchill Television students!

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We were able to see some close friends and relatives on the trip down and back. Visiting new places is interesting but spending time with friends always has a special meaning for us. We stopped in Tennessee to visit our friends in their new Log Home on Pine Ridge and returned in November to spend a lovely Thanksgiving with them.
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One of the highlights of the year was our hot-air balloon ride with Keiko Matsomoto Varughese for her very special birthday! We highly recommend the experience. Strangely, there is virtually no sensation of motion until they end the flight by running the balloon into a tree! Later in the summer, Keiko and Judy drove to visit another college classmate near Chicago.

The high school musical last spring was "On the Twentieth Century." Lee still has the theater in his blood and continues to do the program pictures, Web Page, video and special effects.  As always, the students and staff did a superb production.

football2001.JPG (99772 bytes)
The Wolvarena
One of the 10 best fields in the U. S.

The Christmas letter is late this year since Lee is still video taping the high school football games and chronicling their exploits on the Woodland Hills School District's Web page! Woodland Hills made it to the Pennsylvania State finals where they lost their first game of the year on a cold, muddy field at Hershey Park. In between games, he is off doing free lance video productions, making audio CD recordings for musical groups and copying photographs and slides to make family history videos.
If you call and the line is busy, it is because he is on-line updating the Beulah Church or TVT Web pages. He finally has the Schaeffer Family History on-line including how his Great Grandfather won the Civil War and some interesting historical research about the fate of Camp Michaux – a former CCC, POW and Presbyterian church camp.

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Patches -1984-2001

Patches, chased her last mouse this year and is now resting under her favorite bush.

Our son Lee III is still living near us and working for Cornerstone Television as webmaster. He keeps busy in his spare time as a coach for Bible Quizzing and helping his dad with the football game videography.

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