2006 "Appreciation Tour"* of the Western Parks
3600 Miles By Bus!
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Details of Trafalgar tour
Review of trip with daily details

National Park Service
Guide to the National Parks

* One should see the country when they are young just to see what is there.
The trip should be repeated in middle age when you can understand what you are seeing.
In your old age, you should go again when you can appreciate it.

Las Vegas - - Luxor Hotel
Hoover Dam - - Bus Tour
Zion National Park - - Guide
Bryce Canyon - - Guide
Salt Lake City
Cowboy Bar
Antler Inn
Cadallic Grille
Grand Tetons - - Guide
Yellowstone - - Guide
Little Bighorn National Monument - - Guide
Black Hills - - Guide

Ta Tanka - Story of the Bison
Crazy Horse Memorial

Arches - - Guide
Mesa Verde - - Guide
Monument Valley
Grand Canyon - - Guide