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Details of Old Stone Barn
Andre Weltman January 2010
Folks from DCNR and even PHMC have now taken a more active interest in the crumbling barn wall. There are definite plans to install a simple split-rail fence as a passive safety barrier around the structure (perhaps with some warning and interpretive signs) as soon as the ground softens up with the long-hoped-for return of warmer weather. Further action to try to prevent the stone wall from collapse is under discussion, but may be rather costly. As a first step toward installing a fence -- and possibly to enhance any possible work towards saving the structure from the ravages of gravity and time -- the 3 pine trees in front are now gone, as is much of the brush and smaller trees around the rear/interior of the barn.

Front of Barn after the PA Deparment of Conservation and Natural Resources removed trees and brush.

Back of barn wall

Loss Of stones, cracking and vines damage above doorway

West end of barn wall showing overhang



Missing Stones