Musical Prelude - Sinfonia sacra
     Psalm 150 - Ned Rorem
     I will Sing New Songs - Antonin Dvorak

Lighting of the Candles - Acolytes

Seating of the Families

Lighting of the Family Candles - The Mothers

   The yellow roses are placed in memory of
    Rev Donn D. Hastings, Grandfather of the Bride and
    Mr. Paul Edwards Grandfather of the Groom

Welcome Pastor Larson

  Festival Prelude - Marc Antoine Charpentier

Opening Sentences
Hymn #142 All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name! - Coronation

Statement of the Gift of Marriage
Declarations of Intent
Affirmations of the Families

Vocal Solo The Water is Wide - Rene Clausen

Scripture Readings Jeremiah 29:11-14 I John 4:7 and 12

The Pastor's Message

Exchange of Vows

Exchange of Rings

The Wedding Prayer
The Lord's Prayer

Lighting of the Unity Candle Bride and Groom
     The Call - Ralph Vaughan Williams

Announcement of the Marriage
    Charge to the Couple
    Blessing of the Couple
    Presentation of the Couple

Recessional - Sin fonia sacra
    Psalm XIX - Benedetto Marcello

Musical Postlude - Sinfonia sacra

Please remain seated as the parents and grandparents are escorted.
Michelle and Matthew will return to the font of the sanctuary and greet guests
allowing each row to exit in turn.
Please proceed to the church lawn for the Arch of Swords Ceremony.


Coast Guard Officers:
     LTjg. Brown  - LTjg. Calhoun
- LTjg. Hudson
     LTjg. Lake
- LTjg. Newton - LT. Shuman

The reception at the Omni Convention Center.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the wedding hostess Elaine,
and to the custodians Bob and Mike.
They have worked hard, with attention to every detail,
to prepare Graystone Church for a beautiful wedding. Thank you!

To Our Family and Friends,
For coming from near and far to celebrate with us, we thank you.
Your presence here has made this special day complete.
Your love and support has truly been a blessing throughout our lives.
With love and thanks,
     Michelle and Matthew

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